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Fox Patriot award recipient for Courage (awarded by Tucker Carlson)

CEO & Founder of  international brand Egard Watch Co. and having designed collections for numerous personalities including MMA legend Georges St. Pierre and cultural icon William Shatner.

Recurring actor from numerous films and shows including AMC's The Walking Dead, Marvel's Loki, The Big Short, Deepwater Horizon and more...

Award winning director and documentarian having interviewed speakers, musicians and actors such as Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones, Tom Mcdonald, Dee Snyder, Jimmy Dore, Anomaly and more...

Multiple time expert guest speaker and interviewee on numerous news stations including Fox News, Fox & Friends, Fox Business OANN, Just News, Daily wire, Western Journal, Epoch Times and more... Ilan has been interviewed by hosts such as Sebastian Gorka, Rudy Giuliani, Tucker Carlson and more. 

Creator of impactful viral videos standing up for American Values in response to woke Corporate America and the media including the response to Gillette "What is a man", The pro police campaign "Speak Truth", The anti vaccine mandate campaign "Freedom is everything", and the pro women campaign "What is a woman"

Black belt in multiple martial arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Doce Pares, Eskrido, Pangamot and American Karate


Ilan was born in Baltimore Maryland as a first generation American. Ilan's mother was born as a jew in Bahgdad Iraq which she escaped as a young girl to Israel. Ilan's father was born at the end of WW2 where sadly much of his family was lost in the holocaust. 

This background led Ilan to understand the key features of what leads societies and every day people to be able to commit such atrocities. Fascinated by studies such as the Milgrim and Asch experiment and historical references, Ilan has researched the concepts of Mass Psychosis, or Psychogenetic epidemics in great detail. His upcoming film "Cancelled" looks in to the key structures and elements that need to be in place to sway people, who would otherwise never exhibit violent behavior, to be able to act as a mob and target those they perceive to be a threat to society. 

The values instilled upon Ilan from a young age from his parents helped lay the foundation for the work ethic that allowed him to create an international brand, achieve great success in Hollywood as an actor and film maker and most importantly speak up on important issues. Always seeking a humanizing approach to making a point

Ilan is a strong supporter of the constitution, free speech advocate who never backs away from a good conversation. When Ilan was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease years ago he did not let it stop him from acheiving numerous black belts in martial arts. When doctors told him he would not walk again without major surgery, and most definitely never train again, he defied the odds and within one year was able to be back on the matt teaching Brazilian Jiujitsu. 

Watch: Tucker Carlson awarding Ilan the Patriot Award



Notable roles include recurring characters on:

Amazon's Citadel

AMC's The Walking Dead

Netflix's Slasher

HULU's Rami

Marvel's Loki

Marvel's Cloack and Dagger

CBS's NCIS New Orleans

A full list of Ilan's credits in film and television can be seen here:



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Ilan has numerous appearances as a guest speaker and has been interviewed on issues involving politics, economics, media, culture and more on many of the largest news stations including Fox Business, Fox News, Fox & Friends, OANN, Western Journal, Daily Wire, Just News and more.


Ilan is the founder of Egard Watch Co. An internationally recognized watch brand.

Ilan has collaborated with numerous celebrities, athletes and musicians to create collections.

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