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Fox Patriot award recipient for Courage (awarded by Tucker Carlson)

CEO & Founder of  international brand Egard Watch Co. and having designed collections for numerous personalities including MMA legend Georges St. Pierre and cultural icon William Shatner.

Recurring actor from numerous films and shows including AMC's The Walking Dead, Marvel's Loki, The Big Short, Deepwater Horizon and more...

Award winning director and documentarian having interviewed speakers, musicians and actors such as Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones, Tom Mcdonald, Dee Snyder, Jimmy Dore, Anomaly and more...

Multiple time expert guest speaker and interviewee on numerous news stations including Fox News, Fox & Friends, Fox Business OANN, Just News, Daily wire, Western Journal, Epoch Times and more... Ilan has been interviewed by hosts such as Sebastian Gorka, Rudy Giuliani, Tucker Carlson and more. 

Creator of impactful viral videos standing up for American Values in response to woke Corporate America and the media including the response to Gillette "What is a man", The pro police campaign "Speak Truth", The anti vaccine mandate campaign "Freedom is everything", and the pro women campaign "What is a woman"

Black belt in multiple martial arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Doce Pares, Eskrido, Pangamot and American Karate